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We offer limited opportunities to order in advance with varying deposits between 10 and 50% depending on quantity, delivery date and company status.

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We have significant deliveries arriving each week which are generally allocated long before they arrive to a small number of customers who rely on us to fulfil their needs and for this reason we do not just sell to anyone and prioritise customers who are feeding these masks back into general use as opposed to stocking for a rainy day.

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Current availability

Figures correct at date of publication. Numbers changes frequently. Always check with Kaizen about current stock.

TYPE FFP2 - Face Masks Availability

Mask Type4th May9th May14th May25th May
TYPE FFP2167000500000TBC

Type IIR 3 Ply - Face Masks Availability

Mask Type4th11th May18th May25th May
TYPE 3PLY Type IIR100,000



Sold: 750,000

Available: 250000

Sold: 250000

Available: 750000

Sold: 250000

Available: 750000

Procuring PPE.

Always be 100% sure.

PPE and COVID 19: If something appears to good to be true then it probably is. Good products don’t need discounting to sell so anyone pushing you to buy something cheap should be given a wide berth.


Procuring PPE at the current time is a slow and time consuming process. It should come as no surprise that world demand outstrips supply by 3-1 and costs continuously rise. The NHS has 800 people in procurement trying to find these products so we are very lucky to have any to offer that can help get businesses back to work.
The cost of raw material has increased dramatically as demand has grown making some masks such as the FFP3 virtually impossible to find while there is a ban on exporting them from China imposed by their government.
Air freight costs that were once $2 a kilo are now closer to $20 which makes your average cargo plane now charging a £1m for a one way journey.


The majority of products are coming from China where a great deal of fakes have been found. These have found their way into the UK during a time when the UK Government relaxed import checks to try and speed up the influx of PPE to get to the NHS. The Chinese Government have now closed hundreds of unregistered factories and checks have tightened up at customs in Both in China and the UK meaning we should see a reduction in fakes. Unfortunately some traders have been loading deliveries with a proportion of fakes they have bought from the closed factories in the hope of fooling customs.


Carrying out online verification is a good start however physically checking stock and opening random boxes will also help you ensure you have the right product. There are a couple of basic tests that will give you a good guide as to whether something is fit for purpose.
Although we offer no science to support this the general consensus is that you can a) wear a mask and try and blow out a match -0 if the flame moves it’s probably fake or at the least poor quality and b) spray an aerosol such as deodorant inside a mask and if any escapes again you have something possibly fake.


Buy KN95 Face Masks.

Complete with anti-microbial coating which last for up 10 days